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Massage workshop for men only
Almost everybody likes to enjoy a massage now and then. Still there are not many men who can enjoy it in reality – only when their GP orders some kind of physiotherapy. That a pity really, because having a massage not only is very pleasant, it's good for your health as well! But to get a massage, you need somebody who can do it. (Apart from that: it can already be very nice to have a massage from somebody who just tries to. But – it is a real difference when somebody who knows what he is doing, gives you a massage. Also there is the advantage that when you give somebody a massage you get one in return most of the time.

Only men?
Yes indeed: the course is only for men. Massage – irrespective of how you apply it – is an intimate experience: and for the masseur and for the massé. The course is primarily intended towards learning to give a good and pleasant massage. In this way you could surprise your friends, your acquaintances or your neighbours!
When you give a massage to somebody, normally the massé lies naked before you on a table. That's why you have – as masseur – to place yourself in a vulnerable position as well!
So we do the bigger part of our course naked!

What will you learn?
In the first place is the entire massage you will be learning to give, totally directed towards the person before you on the table. Of course you will be able to give a solid and pleasant massage after the course. You will learn what to do and what not to do!
Apart form that some theory will be presented: muscular structure of the human body, where you can find the meridians and which reflection of the body is to be found on the sole of the feet. It's entirely your own decision how much of theory you want to study – for the curious amongst you, it will be presented anyway. This is a very practical course though, instead of an academic study.
Whether you have experience or not is not important. You always will learn, because the more practice, the better masseur you will be.

AMAS method
The AMAS method is as natural as it is simple. It's simply a combination and in selection from three different approaches in massage. This combination is what is makes so powerful. After the course you will have enough knowledge to expand and sharpen your own skills.
The very beginning of the course will not be revealed here. In any case: it's a playful way to learn how to use your body. The first ingredient is classical massage to the entire body: a balanced massage of all the muscles by using effleurage, kneading and tapotage.
The second ingredient is shiatsu or acupressure. This is where the meridians come in. The third ingredient is massage of the sole of the feet. On the sole of the foot your entire body is represented.
So the course is concentrated towards a good combination of these three approaches of massage. Of course we will not forget erotic massage – although massage is already a bit erotic in itself.

All questions
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