Les Gaillards in the Auvergne

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Les Gaillards
Just 300 kilometres south of Paris and some 40 kilometres from Moulins sur Allier you will find "Les Gaillards" in superb surroundings. The château is situated at the end of a little village which is called Montcombroux les Mines. A quiet surrounding with colourful little villages around it. It's really very nice take a long or short stroll, take a bike or even make a trip in your car in the very diversified surroundings.
The house, surrounded by old trees and lots of green, is to be found in the Allier - part of the Auvergne right on the walking route to Santiago de Compostella (the GR3).
That why also pilgrims find warm hospitality in the house. An extra is the swimming pool on the grounds and a little lake in only a distance of 400 metres. Also you will find a dry sauna in the house.

The house              
The château - as it is called by the French - is in fact more a huge manor. It was build as the residence and the offices of the direction of the local mines. These mines were closed in 1927. In 1951 the last proofs of it were definitively eradicated.
Some figures: the house is some 60 meter long and is 4 to 12 meter wide. It has three floors, all ready to occupy for living in immediately. (The middle attic is storage room at the moment).
The last 14 years the house is massively restored but luckily there is still some work to be done! In any case: every part of it, you can live in. Apart from the château there are two other important buildings on the property: a 'farm' with small chalets and other spaces next to it and a huge shed (20x10 meter) next to the swimming pool, which is used a activity hall at this moment. The 'farm' has two floors. The ground floor is used as a workshop and storage place and the first floor as a dormitory and storage.

The grounds
The grounds around the château amount to 2,5 hectare in total. This is for most people and organizations the surface which is rather easy to maintain. Most of it is grassland. Some half hectare is still in the original non-cultivated state and is on a slope of almost 20%. Ideal for growing grapes. It's a pity we didn't find the time for it.
Further on you find trees with an age of more then 150 years, under which a large amount of (horse) chestnut trees. The driveway e.g. is entirely flanked by these huge chestnut trees.
You also can harvest apples (different species), walnuts and cherries.
The château itself is build exactly on the east-west axis. So the long sides face south and north. The south garden is completely cultivated with amongst others roses and lavender. The north side is enclosed by trees (locust trees mostly) and has a theatrical circle made from nine columns which form a beautiful stage. In the park at the same side you'll find also a platform under the trees for presentation during the hot summer days.

All questions
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