The château - as it is called by the French - is in fact more a huge manor. It was build as the residence and the offices of the direction of the local mines. These mines were closed in 1927. In 1951 the last proofs of it were definitively eradicated.
Some figures: the house is some 60 meter long and is 4 to 12 meter wide. It has three floors, all ready for living in. (The middle attic is storage room at the moment).
The last 20 years the house is massively restored but there is still work to be done! In any case: every part of it, is liveable.
Apart from the château there are two other important buildings on the property: a 'farm' with small chalets and other spaces next to it and a huge barn (20x10 meter) next to the swimming pool. The barn is used as an activity hall at this moment.
The 'farm' has two floors. The ground floor is used as a workshop and storage place and the first floor as a dormitory and storage.

The grounds

The grounds around the château amount to 2,5 hectare in total. This is for most people and organizations the surface which is rather easy to maintain, contrary to a real château. Most of it is grassland. Some half hectare is still in the original non-cultivated state and is on a slope of almost 20%. Ideal for growing grapes. It's a pity we didn't find the time for it.
Further on, you'll find trees with an age of more then 150 years, under which a large amount of (horse) chestnut trees. The driveway e.g. is entirely flanked by these huge chestnut trees.
You also can harvest apples (different species), walnuts and cherries.
The château itself is build exactly on the east-west axis. So the long sides face south and north. The south garden is completely cultivated with amongst others roses and lavender. The north side is enclosed by trees (locust trees mostly) and has a theatrical circle made from nine columns which form a beautiful stage.
In the park at the same side you'll find also a circle under the trees for the hot summer days.
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Ground floor from east to west

All measures are approximate.
Guest room (6x3 meter) with large bathroom with bath (tub), including jacuzzi and toilet.
Music room/library (6x6). Living room (6x10) with open met open fireplace and mezzanine.
Hall 1 with entry at the south and north, stylish stairs to go up and a spacious toilet (accessible for wheelchairs). Kitchen (9x4). Sun lounge on the south (8x2). Kitchen storage room (4x4).
Hall 2 with entry at the north and stylish staircase to go up. Office (5x5). Room (6x6) with bathroom attached (shower and toilet).
Hall 3 with entry at the north and stairs to go up.
Room (5x3) with own exit on the west, with bathroom (shower and toilet).
Laundry room (6x6) where central heating 1 is situated and the sauna (6x3).

There are 2 caves. Under the music room on the east side (with central heating 2) and under the west part of the house - some 20 meter in length.
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First floor from east to west

Completely renovated suite (6x8 meter) with views north and south. This room is furnished (in its entirety, including furniture) in the design of De Stijl (Rietveld/Mondriaan). Shower, toilet and urinal are integrated.
Mezzanine with view on the living downstairs and with staircase to the second floor. Windows to the north and south.
Landing with bathroom (small shower and toilet) and staircase from ground floor and staircase to the middle part of the second floor (storage).
Room (4x5) with a view on the north and on the south. Room (4x3) with view on the south.
Bathroom with shower and toilet. Second bathroom with shower.
Separate toilet.
Corridor with staircase to the ground floor.
Room (4x4) with a view on the north garden.
Room (6x6) with a view on the south and the west with a balcony.
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Second floor from east to west

Small hall with staircase from the second floor. Large landing with access to three rooms. Room (6x2,5) with small window on the north side. Room (2x3) with small window on the north side. Room (2x2) without window.

Large attic where you can walk in the middle for storage purposes - at least 6x20 meter.

Hall with staircase from the second floor. Room (6x6) with small window on the north and the south. Room (6x6) wiht small window on the south and the west.
The complete second floor should be further redecorated, although it is usable.
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On the ground floor of the farm you'll find in the first place a huge workshop (9x9) with even a pit to repair/maintain cars. Further on an independent small guest room with toilet next to it. A storage room (3x3) and an former horse stable (9x5) with in front of it a covering of some 4x5 meter.
Furtheron another small room, another covering and another very picturesque guest room (2,5x3).
A garden and when you walk through the workshop you arrive at the large vegetable garden with a lawn next to it. Both touch the village square. On the side of the château also a tiled terrace, with a small animal housing next to it (chickens, parrots - it's up to you).
On the second floor of the farm to spacious rooms (both some 9x9) with complete sanitary equipment (showers, toilet and boiler).
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Activity barn

This space, once built as a barn for breeding partridges, has been transformed into a true party barn. There is e.g. a wooden dance floor with a mirror wall for (classical) dance lessons. All sanitary facilities are present - consisting of toilet, a sink and showers. You have a provision of sun-heated water on the roof. The barn still needs a finishing touch.
It will be clear that this is a space for summer activities. In winter it is usually not warm enough, although there is a large stove on fuel oil. As soon as you have replaced the corrugated roof with an insulated roof, things change that of course.
This space also houses the filter installation for the adjacent swimming pool.
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Of course there are thousand things to know. But here we make a small selection. The château itself is heated by two different central heating systems. One serves about two-third of the building (with a boiler of 300 liter attached), the other the rest (with a modern electric boiler on the side, you can command by Wifi. This is most economic when there are not too many people in the house. Both systems have brand new burners.
The electrical equipment is in principle in good condition. At some spots improvements might be made.
The state of repair is excellent, which of course doesn't mean there remains nothing to be done. At some spots the wall paint might want an extra layer - but everyone wants improvements to his of hers own taste.
The kitchen is 'workable' but needs restoration. The equipment for a large kitchen is there. There is a poweful oven on wood to cook your meals. We always hesitated to completely redo the kitchen since everybody likes is as it is! Water supply is perfect. No reasons to worry, nor to work.
Sewer system is by means of 6 large septic tanks on different places on the terrain, as usual in this area. If you don't flood the toilet with aggressive waste, this is a completely self regulating system without maintenance.
The ground floor is accessible for wheel chairs.

The pool of 11 x 5 meters (and 1.70 deep). It has a widely acclaimed unique 'one million dollar view' over the hills. You have a view of up to 150 km on clear days (mostly!) - even the Puy de Dôme can be seen. We stopped using the swimming pool.
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Personally I always wanted to know why people are selling their property.
Is there a catch somewhere?
Well, to stay ahead of that question and because you probably ask yourself the very same, we give the answer immediately: no, there is no snake in the grass! With pain in our hearts we will depart from this most beautiful spot, because we don't have a choice.
Very serious health problems as well as coming of age force us to it. So we are practising döstädning (Swedish word for cleaning up before you die). We are obliged to sell this property so we can try to make the most of the rest of our lifes under different circumstances and with different provisions. It's as simple as that and let's not spoil more words on the subject.
In any case. You know now why and you will be certain that the property will rise in value in near future - that's for sure, even in France. We will tell you more about it when you are here.
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The price

We ask only € 550.000 c.b. You could try to seduce us to adapt the price of course.
The house is fully furnished in a classic style (mainly Henri II) and most of the furniture / interior can be part of the acquisition. We will discuss the price of course.
Might you be interested, it is good to know that we provide complete chambre d'hôtes and table d'hôtes services to receive you.
Our rates are most reasonable. So no need for you to hurry back and fro in one day to ask all the questions you like.
You can think about it a while, no problem.

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Of course you can contact us any time if you have questions. Please use this email address.

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